We have journeyed to, written about and photographed thousands of cities, parks, historic sites and homes and more! Below we share our writings about hundreds of these destinations. Enjoy the stories; enjoy the photos!!

Western U.S. Journeys

Eastern U.S. Journeys

visitor looking up at a redwood tree at Prairie Creek Redwoods state park

Here you will journey west of the Mississippi River, where we share firsthand information on many dozens of western states' travel destinations. We are "California heavy" because our current travel books are focused on California's parks, beaches, museums, and more. We do have plenty of stories and photos from Oregon, Washington and other states, which will be posted soon, so be sure to check back often.



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Exterior of the Salem Witch Museum in Salem Massachusetts

Salem Witch Museum

Salem, Massachusetts

We use the Mississippi River as our dividing point between East and West. We currently are sharing significantly more photos from the Eastern U.S. than full length stories. The stories are coming, regularly, as we have time to write them. But for now, the hundreds of captioned photos can provide a great look at dozens of places people love to visit.



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We currently are sharing significantly more photos without written text from travel destinations outside the U.S. The stories (and more destinations) are coming, regularly, as we have time to write them. But for now, the photos we have included are designed to grab your interest about some of the places people love to visit.



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Three Vietnamese children in costume waiting to go on stage.

Children taking a break during a play, Vietnam

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